Super Effective Internet Marketing - Using Media Buys to Build A Highly Targeted Email List & Fast Cash Profits in Under 24 Hours   by Jennifer Wilmont

Having a product to sell, or a list of others' products as an alternative, is all well and good, but if the Internet Marketer in question doesn't have a targeted list of subscribers who require products in the same niche market, then it becomes extremely difficult to see even a vague trail leading to success online.

Every Internet Marketer needs to invest time, money and effort at some stage or another, in building a responsive list of prospects in his or her niche market. Learning how to build a list is often overly hyped into being a tedious and near-impossible task, as the "gurus" who make those claims would like to take as much time teaching the ever-so-simple principles required to build lists, in an attempt to justify the cost of their "Coaching" or "Courses" and would fail to do so if their thousand dollar products had only a few sentences worth of useful information enclosed.

It's all about the human mindset. A high valued product needs a large amount of content in order to appeal to the potential prospect in order to justify its value. This is why most list building "courses" out there announce up front that it will take days and months worth of effort but if the "blueprint" is followed word for word, the desired outcome of building a highly responsive and targeted email list will be achieved.
Though such claims are true to the extent that the desired outcomes will eventually be achieved with hard work and effort, what's often left out is the fact that it can ACTUALLY take a LOT LESS TIME to achieve such outcomes.

Getting targeted traffic in today's internet climate is actually very easy, and all the tools, media and advertising avenues are publicly available for anyone and everyone to tap into to build high quality, responsive lists of subscribers.
One of the most popular methods this year in 2010 has been via "Media Buys" or buying Banner Advertisement space on websites in your niche that accept a small fee for placing banner ads linking back to your website(s).

The power of Media Buys is absolutely phenomenal. In just a few simple steps below, you can easily start getting a surge of highly targeted traffic to build your list:
1. Choose your niche. This is crucial. For the purposes of this example, we will work with "make money online" as our chosen niche market.

2. Go over to Google and search for "make money online".

3. You will now see the first page of Google results with 10 websites in the Organic Search Results in the middle of the page.

4. Starting with the first website, copy its URL.

5. Go over to and enter this URL into the search box, then click "View" button.

6. The results will show you statistics such as how many Unique Visitors there are to the site as well as whether the site accepts AD's or not (on the right where it says "ACCEPTS ADS")

7. If the site accepts ads, go over to the website and pay for a banner advertisement for 30 days (it's usually between $50 and $200 per month)

8. You will need to provide the site owner with a Banner Ad in 468x60, 125x125 or 250x250 dimensions or any other dimensions that the site asks, and link it back to "your" Optin page or website URL.

9. Once you have paid and submitted your banner ad, you will almost immediately start getting High Quality, Highly Targeted traffic to your Optin page.

Look at it this way. If the site you are paying to advertise on gets 2,000,000 Unique Visitors per month in your niche, and let's say even 1% of that traffic visits your site, and then let's say only 10% of the traffic that visits your site actually converts into Subscribers, that is effectively 2,000 Subscibers from just ONE MONTH's advertising.

Now you may be thinking: "Oh but I'll be spending $200.. that's too expensive".
Well, here's the flipside of the coin:

1. Go to's Marketplace and select a Category of products that best fit your niche.

2. Choose the MOST POPULAR product with the Highest "Gravity" in that category. Gravity is a measure of how well a product is selling, so the higher the gravity, the more likely that it will sell.

3. Each sale your traffic generates will give you a Commision of around $30 depending on the product. Click on "Promote", insert your ClickBank ID and create a "Hoplink".

4. You can now change the settings on the Banner Ad you've paid for and insert your Hoplink as the URL that your paid traffic should go to.

Even if only 1.0% of your traffic (2000 people as described above) buys the product, that's the equivalent of $30 x 20 = $600.
From one month of advertising for which you paid $200, you have now made $600, and are $400 in Profit!
To earn money online, you must invest money first, otherwise the road is long, time-consuming and very tedious.


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